Bali Photography / Female Body In Photography

By: Mike Daniels / Bali Photography

Photography is a means of making pictures by the action of light. Light reflected from an object forms a picture on a light-sensitive device or material. This picture is then chemically or digitally processed into a photograph. The word photography comes from Greek words meaning to write or draw with light. A photograph is basically a picture drawn with rays of light.Bali Photography

Most photographs are made with a camera, which works in the same way as the human eye. It absorbs the rays of light that are reflected from a particular object or objects are focuses them into a wholesome image. Then the image is recorded on film or any electronic storage device, such as a floppy disk or memory card. What is good about photography is that the results of it can be seen by many different people around the globe and at any time, which means that the things of the past can travel in time.Bali Photography

A human body is one of the most describable things on earth. The depictions of male and female bodies are among the most ancient images. The rock paintings scribed by prehistoric people carry circles and sticks to symbolize the two sexes. A tremendous number of reality chroniclers and versatile geniuses, such as Leonardo da Vinci, tried to capture the essence of a human body and establish a line of well-balanced proportions. Everyone is searching for the perfect human scheme.Bali Photography

Some found it in the shapes and shivers of a female body. Female bodies are as various as they can be. Soft lines and delicate features, courageous chins and long fingers, calm and happy smiles and bellies and round hips directly associated with fertility and continuation of life. Expressive eyes, curvaceous necks, full lips and breasts can be as inspiring as slender bodies with thin bones covered with shining skin. Never has a female body been multiplied in images as in the 20 th century when the photograph was invented and came into wide use.Bali Photography

Thousands and thousands of photographers earned their bacon by imprinting a wonderful and challenging, audacious and capricious, dominating and submissive world of a woman. Magazine covers, billboards, advertising campaigns, family albums, posters, art exhibitions, frontispieces of numerous editions contain photographs of female bodies.Bali Photography

Unknown models as well as famous women don’t miss a chance to pose in front of the camera to gain finances and a little bit of more fame or make up for the lost one. Making nude photos is one of the directions in art photography. “… It is with gratitude and pride that I step into the sunlight and celebration of women of color, expanding open in the knowledge that God can make nothing ugly or unlovable. God can’t make any mistakes!” said Vanessa Williams, an actress, who participated in the creation of “Beautiful,” a book glorifying Black women in their birthday suits by Marc Baptiste.

They say that beauty will save the world and beauty can be different. It does not differentiate race or color, age or the length of hair.Bali Photography


Bali Photographers / 10 Tips In Better Photography

By: Michael Colucci / Bali Photographers

Taking a good photo isn’t as hard as you may think. You don’t need the most expensive camera or years of experience, just 10 simple tips.


Tip 1 – Use All Your Available Space
Don’t be afraid to use all the space in your photo. If you want to take a picture of something, it’s ok for it to take up the whole shot with no or very little background showing. Keep distractions out of your shotBali Photographers

Tip 2 – Study Forms
This is a vital aspect to photography. Understanding forms in your photos. Don’t see an object, she its shape and its form and find the best angle to photograph it from. Form is all around us and I highly suggest you read as many books on it as possible.Bali Photographers

Tip 3 – Motion In Your Photos
Never have motion in your photos if you are photographing a still object. If there is something moving while you are trying to photograph a stationery object, your photo won’t turn out anywhere near as well. Also never put a horizon line in the center of your frame. Bali Photographers

Tip 4 – Learn To Use Contrasts Between Colors.
Some of the best photos have shades of white, gray and black. You can take great shots with just one color on your subject, but the contrasts between colors in a shot is what makes you a great photographer. Bali Photographers

Tip 5 – Get Closer To Your Subject
This is one of the biggest mistakes most photographers make, not getting close enough to their subject. Get up and personal and close the distance gap. You can always reshape and resize a good shot but you can’t continue to blowup a distant object.Bali Photographers

Tip 6 – Shutter Lag
Shooting action shots with digital camera’s can be tricky due to shutter lags. What this means is, when you press the button to take the photo, it can take up to a second for the shutter to take a photo, by that time what you were photographing would have moved or changed somehow. This means you have to compensate for shutter lag by predicting what your subject is going to do and taking the photo just before it takes the action you want. More expensive digital cameras don’t have this problem.

Tip 7 – Pan
If you are taking an action shot and your shutter speed is slow, pan with the object. Follow through with the subject, from start to finish and one of those shots will be a winner. You have more chance of getting a good shot if you take more then one photo.Bali Photographers

Tip 8 – Continuous Shots
To pan like I suggested above you will need a camera that does continuous shots and doesn’t need to stop and process after every shot.

Tip 9 – How To Take Fantastic Night Time Shots
Night time shots can be spectacular, almost magical…. if done right! If not they can look horrible. Really horrible. Without adequate lighting, even good camera’s can turn out crappy photos if the photographer doesn’t know what he or she is doing.

Tip 10 – Study Your Manual
If your digital camera has a special night time mode, read the manual and follow their instructions on how to use it properly.Bali Photographers


Pre Wedding / Wedding Cars and Transport

By : Pre Wedding

Wedding cars that make a bride’s entrance grand and memorable are one of the things brides fantasise about. Whilst you want a dramatic arrival in a wedding car that leaves a lasting impression, there are other factors to take into consideration when selecting your chariot for the day. A Wedding Car’s Personality There’s no point in trussing up your groom in a formal morning suit and ushering him into a conservative Bentley if he’s a rebel at heart. Opt for wedding cars that are racier or have him roar up to the ceremony in a motorcycle. Transport Style Above all wedding transport should match the style of your wedding. Think about how odd it would look if you arrived in a modern, stretch limousine for a medieval wedding. For old-fashioned, romantic weddings why not hire a horse-drawn carriage? Wedding Cars and Color Although white is the most popular wedding car colour, coordinating your wedding transport to the colour theme of the wedding will also help to create impact. If your bridesmaids are wearing pink or if you have pink flowers in your bouquet, why not hire a pink Cadillac? They look great in wedding photographs, especially against a rose garden backdrop. Chevy Red Hire have a 1957 Pink Cadillac Convertible for hire that represents all the zest and spirit of youth yet is a car of quality and distinction. Size of the Bridal Party Traditionally three wedding cars are needed to transport the bridal party to the ceremony. The bride travels with her father in one wedding car, the mother-of-the-bride and the bridesmaids in another and the groom and his groomsmen in the third. If you’re doing it this way you’ll need to ensure that the hire company has matching wedding cars, as many do not. However, if you’re more concerned with minimizing costs, consider hiring a limousine and have the bridal party journey together. Consider the Weather If you’re having a summer wedding ensure that your wedding cars have airconditioning. There’s nothing worse than sweltering in a hot car with your makeup running down your face. Alternatively, in case of inclement weather, ensure that the wedding car is heated and comes equipped with umbrellas. The Dresscode The arrival of a well-dressed bridal party will be marred if the chauffeur is raggedly attired. Some chauffeurs wear not only a suit and tie but cap and gloves too, whilst other drivers think jeans and a jumper will do. You can’t dictate exactly what they should wear but you can request that they be smartly dressed. Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding / The Beauty Of Bridal Registries

By : Pre Wedding


It used to be quite a serious breach of wedding etiquette for brides and grooms to tell guests what they would like for a wedding present. Nowadays however, bridal registries have become commonplace and requesting certain wedding gifts is no longer a faux pas. You’ll be Able to Go on Your Dream Honeymoon With the average wedding costing in excess of $30,000, many couples forgo or skimp on their honeymoon. Thanks to the growing trend in honeymoon registries, a dream getaway is now possible for frazzled newlyweds. Couples put down the deposit for their honeymoon and guests have until 21 days before the departure date to contribute. Contact a travel agency for assistance. You’ll Finally be able to Finish Renovating Renovating a home is an expensive endeavour so many brides and grooms are registering at home and hardware store such as Bunnings and Mitre 10. Planks of wood and tins of paint may not be very romantic wedding presents but they will all help to create that magical marital home! You’ll be Relieving Your Guests from Stress xA bridal registry saves your guests from the stress of choosing a present that may not be to your taste. Opting to give something from your list means guests are safe in the knowledge that their gift will be used and enjoyed for many years to come. Visit Bride Online via the links below for more gift and present ideas from bridal registries to retail stores. Pre Wedding


Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding / Planning an Affordable Destination Wedding

By : Pre Wedding


Many couples planning their wedding dream of marching down a sandy white aisle, have visions of grandeur dancing the night away in the ballroom of a mansion or even let thoughts wander to an intimate family wedding somewhere in Europe. Initially, there may be concern that a destination wedding is prohibitively expensive and something reserved for the well-heeled. Engaged couples should take heart and realize that as with any wedding, with forethought and careful planning, an affordable destination wedding is most certainly a reality for their special day.Pre Wedding

Destination Weddings Don’t Have to Break the Bank

If initial perception is that a destination wedding is costly and expensive, couples should stop and analyze the costs that routinely drive up wedding budgets, no matter the location. Ordinarily, the reception accounts for the bulk of the budget. By planning a destination wedding, couples will likely encounter a much smaller guest list coupled with attendees who are unable or unwilling to make the journey. Depending on the setting, the bride and groom may opt for more relaxed attire which can also help minimize costs. Flowers may not be necessary if the setting is tropical and transportation can be avoided if the ceremony and reception are held on site. For events far from home, frequent flier miles can make airfare an affordable reality for family and friends. The ability to think outside the box is one of the key attributes of planning a successful destination wedding.Pre Wedding

Destination Wedding Resorts: Offering Value

As destination weddings increase in popularity, area resorts are quick to offer packages to attract engaged couples. Unlike traditional venues that may only see weddings hosted on weekends, destination wedding resorts are able to offer weddings year-round and throughout the week. In return, pricing and packages tends to be favorable and may include perks including a free honeymoon suite or onsite perks. However, feel free to price out your own vendors and see how it compares to available package pricing offered. Additionally, consider an off season wedding which may afford you the destination of choice at a much more attractive price.Pre Wedding

Planning a wedding is fraught with challenges and decisions but need not be a bank breaking event. If a destination wedding catches your attention, take the time to research your available options. Quickly dismissing the idea as frivolous and outrageously priced would be unwarranted given the benefit of these fun and unique events. Remember, an affordable destination wedding is likely more plausible than initially thought.Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding / His and Hers, Choosing a Wedding Ring

By : Pre Wedding

Karat vs. Carat. Based on , the Karat is a measurement unit of the amount of gold used in an item while the Carat measures the weight of a gemstone. Both words are drawn from “carob” which is actually a Mediterranean type of tree that produces seeds or beans that always have the same size and weight. Upon noticing the reliability of this trait, the ancients started using the seeds to measure precious metals and stones and eventually to balance their scales for any other items.Pre Wedding

Gold is a precious metal, but is very soft in its pure form. To strengthen it when used in jewelry it then has to be mixed with other metals to form an alloy. lists the standard metals in jewelry making as titanium, silver, platinum, stainless steel, rhodium and palladium.

Silver, is also a popular option according to but is also soft in its pure form, but just like gold you have to watch out for proportions of metals used in a ring as it will not only determine the durability of a ring, but its color and luster as well. Silver is becoming a very popular choice in modern Society, as it is very inexpensive.Pre Wedding

The strongest and costliest precious metal is Platinum and is also becoming a very “hip” choice for couples. Still, it needs a bit of ruthenium and iridium to make durable for everyday use. It’s a white metal that gives off a very excellent polish.Pre Wedding

Almost any other metal, even copper or meteoric iron can be used as a ring, just watch out for any allergies from these metals for certain skin types. brings us back to precious gems. Make it top of mind that Carat measures density i.e. weight not size. When speaking of diamonds, we are often reminded of the 4 C’s, and referring to it defines the first and most important one as the CUT. This determines how much sparkle or “light performance” each stone will give. The Cut grade is responsible for how much light goes in the top of the diamond, or “table” as they call it, and ultimately how much light pop back out the same place.Pre Wedding

Then there is COLOR. For diamonds, less is more. Basic science tells us that the lower tint a gem has then the more it can reflect back, thus more sparkle. The “whiter” it is the expensive it will be, so while pink and blue diamonds may exist, it’s the clear ones that the purists prefer. D is the highest grade a diamond can get while Z is the lowest.Pre Wedding

CLARITY. It’s like seeking the perfect cherry blossom at spring for the Japanese, they will never find one but will always believe that there is one. Diamonds are rare, that’s why we have to kill ourselves to afford one. But grading one perfectly cut and free from “natural” flaws is another thing in itself. In the movies, we will always see the aged jeweler with peering in that “microscope monocle”, which is actually the best way to check for the flaws since most of them are not seen by the naked eye.Pre Wedding

Finally, we have the CARAT. Proportionally speaking, heavier diamonds will be the bigger diamonds and they are rare to find.

For types of rings, we link back to and find three types. The first, being the most traditional one is the Half-round bands which are rounded at the edges, domes to the center but is flat at the bottom. Next is the Flat Bands, which logically have edges being flat on both sides. Most of the bands that are riddled are actually this type. Finally there is the new Comfort-Fit type that is heavier than usual and is contoured on both sides, therefore making it comfortable.Pre Wedding

Now bear these things in mind when choosing your bands as ultimately these classifications matter than the actual visual design. Wedding rings are meant to be worn for a lifetime, making it a very wise decision to ask the right questions before you commit to your decision. Where you purchase the ring will only give it social value, your informed decision it what will matter in the end.Pre Wedding